Amajor’s task was as fundamental as it was delicate: to help the company’s senior partners carry out an important handing-over of the reins.

An important company, specialising in sheet metal cutting, bending, welding, painting and assembly, which this year celebrates its 35th anniversary – Tecnolaser was established in 1986 – talks about Amajor’s help in the challenge of generational change.

The four children will not only have to lead the company, which today has 150 employees, but also initiate a real growth path linked to the needs of the company, demonstrating their capacity and aptitude to undertake senior roles, and maintaining the company’s traditional values whilst successfully uniting these with the enthusiasm and drive of the new generation.

Amajor’s most important contribution has been analysing the corporate climate and identifying the key people on whom to rely for both their intrinsic and transversal competences.

And this is what made Amajor’s role in Tecnolaser’s generational transition so crucial, a real life transformation, “from becoming an entrepreneur to being an entrepreneur”.

“Enterprise” means to enter into something. It implies learning . But it also means taking risks.

It means possessing abilities that may sometimes be innate but it also calls for genuine passion and all the characteristics that drive you to fulfil your commitments, day after day, turning you into a true entrepreneur.



Generational change

Undertaking analysis for a clear development plan for the new generation, both as individuals and as a team, a united group working on the basis of shared values, was a fundamental phase.



It was essential to rediscover Tecnolaser’s original values, all the more in the context of such a demanding handover of control.


The potential of people

Every company – and above all the people who are part of it and shape its development – boasts extraordinary intrinsic potential: rediscovering and developing this is a strategic objective for company growth.


A new generation, more aligned and motivated

The new generation’s choice of personal development path paved the way for increased unity amongst the four children and, above all, it highlighted their potential, both as individuals and as a group, increasing their understanding of their own capacities and developing them further.

These are the foundations of a solid future for the company and for the development of individuals too, in line with their personal goals.

Choice of key people

All companies are made up of people, all with their own strengths, but not always suited to the specific role they currently cover. Choosing the right people and developing their potential has led to rapid corporate growth, which is all the more important in a market where competition is ever fiercer and margins are very small. It was therefore an extremely complex intervention, which Amajor brought to fruition in a linear manner, supporting each strategic choice with innovative tools .

Corporate values

Recognizing the core values of a company is even more important when facing a generational change. In Tecnolaser the founding values are reliability, through people’s availability and service; their reputation, competence, the ability to demonstrate the company’s long experience, understanding individual needs, not simply in order to sell but in order to be of assistance. Professionalism in everything undertaken, interaction within the group as well as with customers, the drive to continually innovate in order to grow from year to year and, finally, an immense passion as a foundation for all the rest.

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