At the heart of your business,
to make it grow

Much more than a business consultancy firm

Your entrepreneurial dream is our common goal.

Amajor was born with one purpose: to be the spark that re-ignites entrepreneurs’ enthusiasm and determination to pursue their dreams and goals, through the shared values and personal development of everyone involved. Ours is a powerful vision, generating a virtuous cycle that fosters professional and personal growth. For a vibrant, healthy business environment that makes a difference.

That’s why we describe ourselves as unconventional: Amajor is the tool that will help your company grow, with an approach based on science, technology and custom-tailored solutions.

Being a Benefit Corporation: a choice from the heart.

Our dream is to create a better world, thanks to businesses, where people are better off and society flourishes. Our objective is to share social advantage, and we have chosen to achieve this through companies, marvellous entities made up of people and led by entrepreneurs who put their passion, heart and values into them.

Business analysis with Amajor

People-focus as a critical component for growing your business

Our business analytics procedures provide an objective basis to define the limits and potential of your business. The results give a clear indication of the changes and growth your business needs to undergo to fulfil your goals.

All our assessments are based on the the Amajor questionnaire we submit to entrepreneurs, that enables us to lay the foundation for the improvement of your business.

Metodo di consulenza aziendale

The unconventional method that makes us stand out

Bringing your business into alignment will not only make it grow, but also give it a strong identity in the market. And it is the growth of the individual that contributes to the growth of all.

Our innovative method blends scientific grounds, technology and custom solutions, to harmonise your company in all areas, acting primarily on the equilibrium of the individual.

We create the ideal conditions for each person to contribute in a concrete way to achieving the business objectives, using their skills and competences.

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We help your employees express and make the most of their potential.

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