Organisation and management of human resources

People are the essence of life and businesses.

Your company is made up of people who share its values and objectives: they are the basis for your company to grow healthy and strong, capable of overcoming the challenges of the market and pursuing new goals with enthusiasm.

Choosing the right people for your business is no easy matter. We can assist you in this regard, with an analysis and selection process that aligns with your values, needs and objectives, and applying the innovative approach that distinguishes us.

Real help means giving people the knowledge they need to achieve their goals. – Amajor

HR Services

Amajor, we create specific HR consultancy, analysis and personnel selection paths, to support your business growth, starting from the most precious thing of all: the strength of people.

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A different approach to human resources

How are we “different”? A common mistake when choosing collaborators is focusing on purely technical aspects: skills, competences, education, previous experience. These are undeniably important aspects to assess, but consider this: do they really help you find people who will support your business goals? How much will they really contribute to the growth of your business, not just in terms of productivity and work, but, more importantly, by sincerely and energetically espousing your values?

That’s why we like to talk about choice rather than selection. Before collaborators, you are choosing the people who will help your company reach solid, lasting success in a short time, producing concrete results from the get-go.

Human potential: the engine that drives your company.

Did you know that, on average, 80% of the people in your workforce are ready to make the changes your business needs to grow?

That’s right! That’s what makes our Human Resource paths unique and different: we start out by analysing the potential of the people in your organisation, and equip you with the right tools to assess your available resources with a deeper understanding, and enable you to do so again in future, freely and autonomously.

Take our word for it: watching your employees’ potential grow and develop is one of the greatest satisfactions you can experience. And it’s the key that will open the door to your greatest dream: achieving your business goals!

Human Resources Management

It can happen that the right person to support your team and enrich your workforce  is already part of it: you just haven’t noticed them yet. Have you ever considered this?

All the effort and resources spent looking for someone to bring in from the outside, that could have been directed at scrutinising your company’s current structure instead. Our HR analysis can help you evaluate your corporate framework from a new, more knowledgeable perspective and accurately assess your available resources. With the aid of specific technologies and tools, you’ll gain a better understanding of your employees’ potential and a clearer awareness of the issues hindering their development, enabling you to take the necessary steps to get your business in gear again.

Human Resource Development

Your company is a constantly-evolving entity, and so are the people within it. People development plays a vital role here, and training is the key.

Amajor achieves this through a number of  paths designed specifically to promote business growth by focusing on personal growth first, leading to certain, measurable results.

Organising your Human Resources

When human resources are managed appropriately, they become the engine driving the company forward, with extraordinary results.

Conversely, it often happens that companies remain mired in inefficiency due to a lack of understanding of their true potential. Thus, putting people at the centre means coming up with the right strategy, with systematic planning of business objectives to be pursued with a new awareness.

Through analysis, we put at your disposal innovative technologies to help both in the correct reading and the targeted development, firstly of individuals and then of the entire company group.

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At Amajor, we are experts at handling the targeted choice of high profiles, essential for the successful growth of your company with tangible results.

Head hunting with Amajor will allow you to recruit people in line with your business objectives and candidates able to fill key positions.

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