An important choice for fulfilling your entrepreneurial dream sooner.

Much more than just recruitment. At Amajor, we enable you to select suitable new people who are in line with the objectives and values of the company and this is an essential tool for supporting organisational development. Consequently, finding the right colleagues is a strategy that only really works and guarantees a concrete return if structured and managed in the right way. Our aim is to bring the right people into your company, not only in terms of abilities and skills, but also in line with your company’s values and objectives.
Do you want to select or choose those who will be accompanying you on such an important journey? The secret is to turn selection into a choice! – Amajor

Let’s take a look at how to choose the right people for your company

Are you sure you need to recruit?

We are often of the mistaken belief that to add value to the team within the company we need to look outside of it. But what if the ideal person is already there?

Through HR analysis, we can get there together! We’ll provide you with all the tools to gain a clear new picture of the people within your organisation, helping you understand their true potential and develop it, as a fundamental basis for accelerating your company’s growth.

Only once, following the relevant analysis, we assess the need to add people to your company, will we launch the recruitment strategy most in line with your objectives.

Our approach to recruitment

An innovative approach that always places the individual at its heart to make them productive and efficient as quickly as possible, to bring immediate concrete results and support your company’s success. So no longer just an assessment of what someone “can do”, but above all, to what extent, aside from their potential and skills, your future colleagues can embrace a common plan, bringing goals to fruition.

We effectively make a targeted and specific selection of high-calibre individuals to enable you to successfully accelerate the process of your company’s growth with concrete results.

Our Executive Search strategy always places the individual at its heart, a fundamental approach that enables us to understand how aligned they are with your company’s objectives and values.

How we recruit staff

At Amajor, technical recruiting tools are essential. They enable us to draw up an initial shortlist and to focus immediately on what a candidate needs to possess for your company. Our method is divided into different operational phases, which are each important
A key aspect is the final feedback: at Amajor, we always provide candidates with detailed feedback, whether they are successful or not.

Choose the right people to be at your side as your company grows!