Headhunting for executives and directors

We help you choose the key individuals to accelerate your company.

We effectively make a targeted and specific selection of high-calibre individuals, essential for successfully taking forward the process of your company’s growth with tangible results. Headhunting with Amajor will enable you to employ people in line with your company’s objectives, capable of assuming key positions and having a strong impact on the organisation as a whole, whilst always bearing in mind the fundamental role of ethics.

Our aim is to bring the right people into companies, in line with actual requirements, both in terms of ability and in terms of values and objectives.
– Amajor

Do you need help with choosing the key people for your company?

How Executive Search works

Our selection strategy not only puts the individual always at its heart, but it’s also essential to understand how aligned they are with your objectives and values, even more so when it comes to executive search. Ethics play a fundamental role here, with an enormous impact on the organisation as a whole.

This is why what we do at Amajor is to help you in the key activities of mediation and interaction with the candidates, with a particular focus on the ethical aspect of the individual who will be able to accompany you on your business journey.

How our headhunters work

To help you find the high-calibre individual who will be a successful addition to your team, our method uses two important tools:


Objective analysis of operational abilities and habits

A questionnaire through which we gain a deep understanding of the person’s potential, including hidden potential. So, not just their skills and training, but also their attitude towards the role they are currently performing and their readiness for the role that they may potentially assume in the future.


Individual interview

This is where the values, those ethics that are so important to us, can truly emerge. The individual interview can give us a clear, transparent picture of the person, in all aspects, positive choices and characteristics, problematic issues and obstacles.

The safest way to recruit qualified personnel

Entrust Amajor professionals to make sure you choose the right high-calibre, qualified person to complete your organisation and help you reach new milestones and concrete goals, someone who is aligned with your values and is capable of sharing your business dream respectfully, ethically and professionally.

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