Business Analytics with the Amajor method

People-focus as a critical component for growing your business

Our business analytics procedures provide an objective basis to define the limits and potential of your business. The results wil give you a clear indication of the changes and growth your business needs to undergo in order to reach your goals.

If balance is a company’s true strength, human resources are the engine driving its growth.

We create the tools and awareness companies need to truly thrive, based on their most defining features: the people behind the brand and the values at its core.

We do this using a vital tool, the beating heart of all our analysis and consulting procedures: the Amajor questionnaire, your first crucial step to ensuring solid, durable growth for your business .

What makes our method stand out is its soul: the dedication, enthusiasm, energy and intention we put into helping people achieve their goals. – Amajor​

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What is Business Analytics?

Business analytics helps identify a company’s weak spots and the key areas for improvement, which can then be converted into tangible, measurable solutions and development plans.

The result is a growth strategy that will help you achieve your entrepreneurial dream.

The first step in the process is our questionnaire. This scientific tool provides an objective foundation for all subsequent development strategies.

What’s different about our approach? The answer is tangibility. We assess each individual aspect and assign specific performance ratings, allowing you to properly monitor the results of our implemented strategy and optimise it as needed.

Business analytics will give you new understanding of your business and in-depth insight into its inner workings as the sum total of the people who work there. This helps us identify the issues hindering your business and the areas of untapped potential to be worked on with specific strategies.

But there's a crucial step to complete first: the Amajor questionnaire

This survey is the basis of every analysis and enables us to lay the foundation for the improvement of your business.

It’s a fundamental tool that provides a clear picture of your business’s current situation, broadening your knowledge of the different corporate departments and processes, and of that one key element that is your entrepreneurial dream. With all this, we can define a clear, easy growth strategy for your business.

How we perform a company analysis

Here at Amajor, we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. What we offer are custom strategies tailored to your business’s specific needs.

Our tangible analytical skills are our greatest strength, ensuring the longevity and success of our business growth strategies. Your entrepreneurial dream can – and must – be planned out effectively.

Our innovative approach, based on a careful study of the data we collect with highly accurate tools, will lead us to pinpoint the most suitable strategies and solutions to improve your business and help it grow.

“Depending on a company’s needs, we can outline different analysis procedures designed specifically to increase the entrepreneur’s knowledge of their business, grasp the full potential of their employees and gain a new understanding of burdens and complexities, enabling them to choose the most appropriate improvement strategy. “

Business Analytics

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