Business Environment Analysis

An objective basis on which to define the changes and growth your business needs.

An objective basis on which to define the changes and growth your business needs.

If it’s true that a business is a reflection of its owner, then its perception by employees is all the more vital.

Due to its anonymous nature, which leaves employees free to express themselves, our workplace climate assessment survey provides a transparent, honest view of the situation and offers important insight on your personnel.

Analysing the business environment
Business Environment Analysis

What is Business Environment Analysis?

This essential tool gives you a greater awareness of the environment in which your employees work.

It comprises several strategic points that determine the total sum of the group’s well-being and sheds a clear, uncompromising light on the company’s decision-making.

It focuses initially on how free employees feel to communicate and express themselves, both vertically (with directors and managers) and horizontally (among colleagues). Next, we assess how much they feel they are valued and whether their potential is being fully tapped.

After that, workplace tools and environment are examined. These physical aspects are fundamental and should not be overlooked. Lastly, we focus on the actual atmosphere within the company, which indicates how well employees fit into the organisation and support its core values.

Why your business needs Environment Analysis

Over time, Environment Analysis provides a clear, tangible measure of human resources development within your company, allowing your employees to increase their skills and grow, both professionally and personally.

It serves as a mirror for the entrepreneur, providing a full, accurate reflection and a greater understanding of their workforce, enabling the company to grow and achieve success through a cohesive work team.

The health of your business starts with the wellness of its employees.
– Amajor

Our unconventional approach to Environment Analysis

Like everything else, we conduct this assessment following an exact, albeit unorthodox method, typical of our unconventional approach.

Our analysis method takes seven fundamental aspects into consideration:

Anonymous survey and aims

Our questionnaire is a business analysis tool that grants a clear, authentic understanding of the profile of your company and the people within it.

It  certifies the status of your business to determine the best strategies for improvement, analysing how employees perceive it, their vertical and horizontal communication, whether they support company values, and even the physical comfort of the office environment. This comprehensive view is then compared with the questionnaire submitted to the CEO or department director, through regularly audited parameters.

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