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Your business goals reflect your core values. These values are beneficial not just for your business, but for society. Only this way can your business grow. Through organisational analysis, we will help you identify your objectives, improve the efficiency of your business processes and the development of your human resources. The aim is to provide you with a management and process improvement tool that is developed from the study of your organisational system and relationships.

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About organisational analysis

Our corporate organisation analysis begins with people: the true key to growing and developing your business. That’s why pinpointing the best strategy for your company’s success requires an in-depth knowledge and awareness of all the people involved.

To this end, Amajor avails itself of invaluable and innovative technologies to first gain an understanding of the individual person and their abilities, as a step towards understanding the company as a whole. This ultimately generates the necessary cohesion and harmony to fulfil even the wildest entrepreneurial dreams.

For us at Amajor, organisational analysis is a tool that allows us to analyse a company’s organisational system and the relationships within it, so that we can identify its criticalities, problems, and strengths. The analysis thus makes it possible to diagnose all the solutions to improve your company’s organisation, its functioning, productivity, and well-being.

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How the business process analysis is carried out

Our method of organisational analysis makes use of several specific tools, vital to obtaining tangible results:

Interviewing the entrepreneur or top management

the first essential step is interviewing the entrepreneur or top management team regarding the company’s present organisational model, target market and business operations.

A company is shaped by the choices and decisions of its founder, the entrepreneur who takes it forward and tackles the demands and challenges of the market, day after day. This framework is what we call organisation.

The interview affords us the opportunity to get a clear picture of the company’s current situation, in all its aspects, upon which we then define a strategic development plan that can be easily and effectively implemented.

Identifying the different business processes

Identifying business processes and their different roles and phases.

The purpose of an organisation chart is to give a clear image of the company’s operations and responsibilities. To identify them, Amajor avails itself of effective organisational tools such as Process and Resource Analysis.

These enable us to study and evaluate role purposes, job descriptions, KPIs, and elements that will enable us to create a tailor-made development plan for your company.

Analysis of the current organisation chart

Identifying the present model’s strengths and weaknesses.

This crucial phase serves to outline short-term improvements, providing an essential base for the company’s future organisation. Only with a clear understanding of its strengths and weaknesses and of the root causes holding you back from better results can we begin to outline a new chart to deliver the right solutions.

Developing a future organisation chart

This final step brings you closer to your business goals. Your new organisational chart provides a strong, clear view of your company’s short-term development plan. On this foundation, we will build the right framework to accomplish your goals with available resources.

Through the analysis of your business processes, we will develop a fluid organisation chart with a view to business development.

During this phase, process and/or resource analysis tools are used, such as: process map, competence map, Value Analysis, and SWOT Analysis.

What are the benefits for your business?

Our Organisational Analysis procedures will ensure your business strong and stable growth. How? By establishing a positive, productive work environment that benefits your business, but also your workforce and society as a whole.

Business growth will speed up considerably and your team will develop its full potential to produce tangible, lasting results, bringing new energy and enthusiasm into everyday work.

It’s a vital and irreplaceable step towards your entrepreneurial dream.

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