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Your company achieves its objectives through people

We help SMEs with a view to expansion, analysing companies in depth to understand their circumstances, to enhance the individuals within them first and foremost, and subsequently recruiting others who can help the business grow by developing an expansion strategy. We offer you the skills of our team through an HR strategy consulting service to enable you to gain a thorough knowledge of your company and the people within it, basing well defined, long-term planning on these people.

Getting the best out of the people within your company will make it grow healthily and fast.
– Amajor

About HR consulting

Our HR consultants will help you understand the people within your company and their potential, to have a clearer idea of the obstacles in the way of the business and how these can be overcome precisely by investing in human resources. And that’s not all: you’ll understand how to plan your company’s growth at every level, by getting the best out of the people themselves. The acceleration of the organisation will be a tangible and short-term outcome: with our consulting we will create true harmony between the people within your company, as elements essential to its growth.

How our HR consultants work

Our method consists of two fundamental tools

Objective analysis of operational abilities and habits

This is in the form of an extremely important questionnaire, by which we come to understand how the individual person is behaving within the area in which they operate and what their hidden potential is. We measure not only their training, but also their attitude towards the role they are currently performing and the one they are expected to perform in the future. The responses obtained from the questionnaire are often enlightening and lay the foundations for the next steps.

Individual interview

This is a key point, at which we can discuss in detail ideas, values and thoughts that guide the individual, the choices and difficulties they encounter in their everyday work. This reveals positive aspects and problematic issues, obstacles and areas where there is room for improvement. Everything is organised according to the objectives of the analysis.
These tools therefore provide us with a full picture of the status of the business, for the benefit of its growth and wellbeing.

An approach that gets the best out of people

The people at the heart: we’ll never tire of saying it. Selecting the right people to work alongside you in the organisational development of your company means seeing it grow, every day, steadily and continuously. It means having colleagues who share a common plan, who embrace your values and objectives, and precisely by virtue of this, are even more productive and efficient. Above all, it means helping you concretely to fulfil your entrepreneurial dream. People are the company’s most precious asset, and this is why they must be selected with the utmost care and skill, so that the results are immediate and stand the test of time.
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