Make your entrepreneurial dream come true

Your company's success starts with your values

Amajor was born with one purpose: to be the spark that re-ignites entrepreneurs’ enthusiasm and determination to pursue their dreams and goals, through the shared values and personal development of everyone involved. Ours is a powerful vision, generating a virtuous cycle that fosters professional and personal growth.For a vibrant, healthy business environment that makes a difference.

We cultivate team harmony with the most powerful tool of all: the heart.

And, with a rational mind, we lay out a strategy to guide your business, without mistakes or waste.

The final aspect is taking concrete action – with our hands – to produce results. Effective, durable results that will bring your entrepreneurial dream to life.

Our mission is to help businesses grow and thrive. To do this, it's imperative to remind entrepreneurs of the dream their business was born from.
Flavia Fabris - R&D and Operation Director

Our Unconventional Approach

Helping Companies Build a Better World

Please don’t call us consultants, trainers or coaches… We are Amajor: professionals with a vision of innovative company growth, born from a desire to assist and fully-focused on workers, employees, entrepreneurs. Because the harmony needed to grow your business the way you want must start with the equilibrium of each individual and with a shared set of values. We set up Amajor with a view to assisting companies to achieve their own objectives. And to do so through the efforts of their staff. Providing support is our main aim, one of the few things that, quite simply, make it possible to grow and give one’s all, achieving fantastic results. Because it comes from the heart. Just consider the significance of the question why? The reason you started your business always has great significance. This is about much more than making money; rather, it is all about promoting growth by rediscovering that initial enthusiasm and driving force, something that is often forgotten in the frenzy of daily working. What sets us apart from the crowd is that our method involves a concrete solution. An actual technology, tangible and measurable.
Amajor helps entrepreneurs and businesses achieve extraordinary things using innovative methodologies and technologies available to all.
Eros Peronato - CEO


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