Benefit Corporation

Sharing values means sharing well-being.

We have chosen to be a Benefit Corporation precisely because our dream is to create a better world thanks to businesses, a world where people are better off and society flourishes. The objective is shared social advantage, and we have chosen to achieve this through companies, these marvellous entities, made up of people and led by entrepreneurs who put their passion, heart and values into it. In our small way, we try to give companies momentum and strength so that this dream becomes even bigger and more powerful. We deal in business growth with a particular vision of the company, seen as a group of people who, when they really develop their potential, often doing what comes most naturally to them, can bring the company to levels that not even the entrepreneur could have imagined.

A choice that comes from the heart

Living with our values, what this corporate form means deep-down, is extraordinary in revealing and impacting on our entire business management philosophy. For us at Amajor, this “sustainable spirit”, this constant search for shared benefit, is innate, is part of ourselves and is constantly evident in all our decisions, from those in relation to strategy to the choice of collaborators, from the partners we select and even in our customers (who are actually much more than that for us!). Supporting our customers, our collaborators, the society in which we live and operate, means bringing benefits to everyone.

Let's plan your business organisation together

Developing and growing companies in a healthy and stable way is very important for us at Amajor:

Amajor helps entrepreneurs and their companies to effectively develop and grow their activities, with a sensitivity aimed at creating sustainable, lasting and inclusive economic growth, adopting the theme of sustainability as a modus operandi for any type of value creation.
Eros – Ceo