Our innovative method

Your entrepreneurial dream is our common goal.

Your business is made up of people. Each with their own rhythm, their own values and objectives, even if very different on the surface. A business capable of growth is one that manages to make all those who are part of it pull together, and this is only possible thanks to a profound sharing of values. Your values, the values of those who created the company, and on this basis the business can grow. The true identity of the group, as evinced by its choices and the ways in which projects and activities are carried out. If the whole team shares a set of common principles, it will work harmoniously and allow your business to grow

People at the heart of the organisation.

What makes the Amajor method truly innovative is exactly this: the centrality of people.Only like this can corporate reorganisation processes bring the desired results. This is why our unconventional approach places people at the centre of the organisation, the essential starting point for your company’s path to success!

Let your business fly with the Amajor method!

From being to doing

The path to business growth with Amajor is based on analysis and the development of specific strategies and skills, adapted to your fundamental entrepreneurial goals. This is how the true strength of your company emerges!


This is the level of the inner self, where the values linked to the person and the roots of one’s purpose in life are to be found.At this level, everything has to be in balance in order to resonate. Our unique method helps people to bring out all their true power, to play their part in the team exactly as a musician does as part of an entire orchestra, enhancing the sound of all the others.


This is the level of thought and knowledge, which develops starting from an analysis of people and is expressed by defining strategy and planning. Here, the strength that is generated from the heart is given direction so as to stimulate the growth of corporate values in a stable and lasting way. At the level of the head, business projects are created for implementation in harmony with the whole team, all working together.


This is the level of doing, where individuals learn and train themselves to “play” their instrument to the best of their ability, in accordance with the agreed strategy.Here the company objectives are achieved  by enhancing the potential of people, equipping them with the right tools and the correct skills, while at the same time composing a structured and perfectly harmonious system

The Amajor method is composed of seven important and concrete tools:

Let your business fly with the Amajor method!


Getting your business aligned to grow is a complex process. What we call Value Realignment is not easy to achieve, you can feel in tune with some aspects of the environment in which you work, less so with others. And this is what creates fractures, actual gaps which, if left, over time can generate a significant misalignment that prevent your company from growing strong and healthy. Through our business analysis process, we get a clear understanding of the gap in your company, to transform the misalignment into harmony, creating a shared benefit. When the company is aligned, it not only grows steadily, but also enjoys a strong identity on the market. And it is the growth of the individual that contributes to the growth of all.

What makes the Amajor method different

Innovative approach

Your business growth starts from the individual, from their values and from what they are.

Scientific analysis

We combine scientific method and technology to support your company in an analysis process that is essential for growth.

Customisation of the paths

All our paths and solutions are designed around the real needs and concrete objectives of your company.

Concrete and measurable results

We help you achieve measurable goals and effective results, based on the company equilibrium.


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