Management consulting

A healthy, flourishing business starts with you!

Being an entrepreneur and a manager carries so much responsibility on an everyday basis. If running a company isn’t easy, doing so without ever losing sight of the entrepreneurial dream that led to its creation and taking it forward so that everyone involved also shares its values and objectives, can be complex. The purpose of management consulting is precisely that of making this objective possible and helping entrepreneurs effectively.

What are the benefits?

We design the right executive management consulting to suit you,
your business and your objectives.

About management consulting and how it can help your business

Our executive management consultants will help you gain clarification and get back on the right track, one step at a time, so that you can rediscover that true raison d’être that prompted you to create your business and take it forward in the best way possible. In addition to our concrete analytics tools, you can rely on management training strategies structured specifically for you and your company’s needs, to make it grow. And to ensure that those within it, the people who are its driving force, are in tune with you in pursuing common development goals, learning to manage them in every single aspect. This is what you will receive:
  • An analysis of the company, to examine its situation in terms of production, financing, sales and, most importantly, organisation;
  • A practical, well defined guide to help the entrepreneur administer their business;
  • A set of practical and effective solutions to put into immediate effect;
  • Monitoring of the results obtained;
  • Improved management coordination;
  • Optimisation of administrative processes.
  In short, you will be provided with a comprehensive strategy to enable you to achieve the objectives you’ve set yourself. Today, you need new strategies and solutions that can adapt to the swift changes we face; that’s why consulting is right for you! As stated in European Standard EN 16114, management consultancy is: “A set of multidisciplinary activities of intellectual work, within the field of management activities, which aims to create value or promote changes, by providing advice or solutions, by taking actions or by producing deliverables.“

You are a reflection of your company.
And your potential has no limits, if you know how to enhance the value of those within it.
– Amajor

How our management consultants will help you

There are no set packages at Amajor: there are strategies, devised on a case-by-case basis in accordance with precise analytics, performed using innovative technologies to ultimately provide you with a clear and extremely concrete picture of your company as it stands. We will give you all the tools and the best training to progress your role with greater clarity, leading to healthy and fruitful management of your business and of the people within it. Our management consultants will be at your side to help you analyse the market and the company, with a view to devising new strategies and identifying solutions to enable you to achieve your business goals. If you want to grow and increase the efficiency of your business, management consulting is the business consultancy service you need!

Run your company the best way possible with our management consulting!