Luca Soncini, the founder of SOLUNET, is undertaking an important personal and professional journey with Amajor.

SOLUNET was set up in 2005 from an innovative idea: combining the world of telecommunications with that of information technology. Establishing a single company that would provide both of these services to SMEs in the local area was a fundamental starting point.

I had always been convinced that I knew all the ins and outs of my business… but actually, with Amajor, I discovered that there were some aspects that I didn’t know all that well, in fact, quite the contrary!

And realizing that opened up a whole new perspective for me .

Personally, I believe that Amajor has what it takes to help make the world a better place. Both in human and professional terms.

The Amajor team is revolutionary; even their status as a Benefit Corporation is in line with the unconventional approach they pursue, both on the human and the professional level. But they are also revolutionary in the way they address the customer and customer challenges.

We like the idea of being revolutionary in so many different ways!

This is what Amajor can offer: a really significant personal and professional journey. For entrepreneurs, there is nothing more important.




Speed up development

For SOLUNET, raising the bar every day means being better than yesterday, always aware that tomorrow we need to be better still.


Organisation chart and company climate

People are the key to future change, but they need to be aligned and feel positive about their workplace.


Create a healthy business

Leading a company that keeps growing in a stable and healthy way, in terms of turnover and well-being, starting from the dreams that gave birth to it.


Personal and professional growth

The whole company must be involved in order to bring about significant change.

Analysing the business climate was a fundamental first step towards making the changes needed.

This allowed SOLUNET to gain a clearer understanding of a few aspects that had always been underestimated or viewed in a totally different light.

Values make all the difference

As an entrepreneur, Luca Soncini realises that unless you work in a team, as a group, involving everyone, customers alone are not enough.

Naturally, for any company, figures are key and investments and the bottom line must always be borne in mind. But if these are managed using a certain modus operandi and a certain perspective, where the alignment of values is fundamental and strategic, as is the potential of each and every individual, the benefits will also be felt across the local area and in society as a whole.

Organisation chart and further training

Luca Soncini’s journey with Amajor is still ongoing.

Careful study of SOLUNET’s organisational chart, with the important and strategic objective of enhancing the full potential of the entire work team, and starting along the RMA pathway – The Amajor Higher Education Academy designed specifically for entrepreneurs – are fundamental steps in the development of a healthy company with continuous growth.

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