Much more than a business consultancy firm

Your entrepreneurial dream is our common goal.

Amajor was born with one purpose: to be the spark that re-ignites entrepreneurs’ enthusiasm and determination to pursue their dreams and goals, through the shared values and personal development of everyone involved. Ours is a powerful vision, generating a virtuous cycle that fosters professional and personal growth. For a vibrant, healthy business environment that makes a difference. That’s why we describe ourselves as unconventional: Amajor is the tool that will help your company grow, with an approach based on science, technology and custom-tailored solutions.

Much more than just services

The unconventional method that sets us apart

Ensuring that your company is aligned will not only see it grow but will also enable it to have a strong identity on the market. And it’s the growth of the individual that will lead to the growth of you all. Our innovative method combines science, technology and custom strategies to harmonise the company in every aspect, focusing first and foremost on balancing the individual. We create the ideal conditions for everyone to play a concrete role in reaching the company’s objectives using their own particular abilities and skills.

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Who are Amajor?

We are a Benefit Corporation: our dream is to improve the world of the entrepreneur in Italy and in Europe as a whole, bringing new technologies to business development, and amazing social benefits thanks to these. We develop strength within the company and operate with an unconventional approach, with a people focus, prioritising the balance of the individual, and consequently harmonising the organisation of the business in all aspects. Our aim is to “tune” the individuals so that they all “resonate” together in that great orchestra of a company.

Being a Benefit Corporation: a choice from the heart.

Our dream is to create a better world through businesses, for the wellbeing of people and society as a whole. The goal we’ve set ourselves is shared social benefit, and we’ve chosen to do this through businesses, extraordinary organisms, made up of people guided by entrepreneurs who invest their passion, their heart and their values.

Case history


The important journey with Amajor, personal as well as professional, aims to create a healthy business in continuous growth.
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Futurlab's journey with Amajor was fully focused on achieving significant growth through structural reorganization and rediscovering corporate values.
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